Updates - 8th and 9th May

First off,

Yeah, I haven't posted for a while, reason being that it's hard to work and do everything from a raspberry pi and I was stuck with office work.


I announced a new app on LinkedIn, which was supposed to be launched by now but due to the unforseen circumstances of the macbook just dying on me I had to redo a lot of the structural changes for it again and I expect it to be done by the end of this month. hopefully.

I'll talk more about it.


Fixed a small hiccup in music that was causing the track to break and stop playing during playback and that's unacceptable for a music player.

I think I should add a proper backend to this app and allow people to create accounts but I'm not sure whether anyone else even uses this so I'm going to just keep it as a single queue player.


Obviously, as promised , the Project Deadline's addition was moved to live during the past week and I did have a bit of a testing blockage due to other work. This updates includes the ability to modify the project details as well.

Small Additions

coming-soon a simple template that I had to create for Taco's teaser site. As always, very minimal and to the point, includes a countdown if you need that.

grator a simple cli runner for sql migration files , this was built to work with Hasura's migration files but that's a simple set of sql queries in a order so you can use it for pretty much anything, also can be extended to build other tools if you wish to. It uses knex internally so you can literally build the tool yourself.


Lastly, the product that I plan to complete this month, it's a very simple project shouldn't really take me a month but I work only on the weekends on these things so, it's going to be the end of May till I have it ready.

Tasks and Collaborations / Taco , is going to be a simple project management app that I wish the other management apps were. It's definitely going to take inspiration from already existing apps because all the research in task and organisation of projects and work does lead to the same path but there's a certain minor details that I wish others add and they'll get added to this since I have the freedom to decide what stays and what doesn't.

As always, it's being built for my personal use and requirements which might not match everyone's requirement but do give it a try when possible.

It's in very early development right now, I don't even have a staging server right now for this, literally just got finished designing the base website layout and how the pages will look.

That's all the update that I have for you right now.