Phone Skins in India

I've been a fan of skins for a really long time, and dbrand has been the favourite of a lot of people, mainly because of the amount of customisation you can do when selecting skins, you can mix and match various textures and patterns for various parts of the phone.

and others.

Now, as someone residing in India , it's hard to get the skins considering the whole pandemic situation and also they do get a little pricey if you replace skins quite often. I've had a few custom one's printed at local stores that do this and while that's a nice and cheap option it's not very near to me, so I ended up playing a risky hand by trying out various skins from online stores that do similar textures like dbrand in India.


I'm just going to provide some alternatives for someone who'd like to still apply skins but for a little less.

To the point, here's the two I've used quite a few times and I'm satisfied with both.

I've tried and used GadgetShieldz and CapesIndia, mostly because they both kind off replicate the dBrand customization web app and the quality of the shields I recieved was good enough to stay on the phone for about 7 months or so, and that too because I decided to rip out the skin and apply a different one.

Here's the one I applied on my phone last week, a leather one from CapesIndia, and it's pretty easy plus you get extra camera cover in case you botch the first attempt, like I did when I first applied a marble skin on an older phone, totally ripped the side flaps, wasn't concentrating while doing it.


That's it's for now, I'm kinda out of my house right now and can't do much tech work so this is just so I can be consistent at blogging.