The most used tool I ever wrote.

I've written quite a few mini tools

There's a few more but we'll limit the show off to this much for now.

Which one am I proud of the most? None actually.

They were all ideas that already existed all over the web, things already built by various developers and in a much better form than I did. The reason for building them was pretty simple, to learn how they worked internally, I've re-invented the wheel quite a few times in these cases just to understand what's going on behind the scenes and that's all they were for.

On the other hand, while still not proud of it, there's one specific web-app that I use a lot. It's like google for me at this point, I open this web-app first, look for what I need and then redirect myself to the needed solution accordingly.

Enough with the mystery, what is it!?

The same website that you are reading this post on. This is the repository that has had the most commits till date and is something that I should just turn into a homepage at this point since I do end up on it every now and then anyway.

Power Menu

The best addition to the website was the power menu or command palette that I added a few days back, you can trigger it right now by pressing CMD/Ctrl + k , sadly only possible through a physical keyboard but it opens up a simple suggestion menu that can be used to browse through the main site, added this because I avoid using the mouse as much as I can but then I don't have keyboard support on my own website, ironic much?


The other addition is the collections part on the website, I keep snippets, checklists and other lists that I might need to browse through for various stuff, the blog itself has a few posts that work as reference for various issues that I've had or other idiotic decisions I've made while developing stuff and it works well in terms that I can browse through them when needed.

Big Deal, I've seen even better websites!

Oh , definitely! I've seen websites that are even more minimal , for example checkout Leo from Vercel's Dev team, his website is really really simple and uses external tools for basically everything, but then I don't use social media much so I'm limited to having everything on this instead of using Twitter as a micro blog, his github repo's speak for how much better of a developer he is.

I show off a little bit cause I'm not as good, so the marketing is kinda needed.

On the more functional and beautiful side, there's websites from Sindre Sorhus Paco Coursey - His website has no nav, it's all power menu based

That's not all of them and obviously, there's tons of more devs that are better than me, I wouldn't mind if one of them became a mentor of mine though the point of this specific post was about the tool I used the most.

Final words, not just for me , but I think every dev should have a good website which they build with a simple thinking that they are going to use it more than someone else, if you do build it with that thinking, chances are you'll add a lot of useful things to the website that others might just enjoy as well.

On that note, I should probably style the power menu to look a lot better, it's super flat like the rest of the site which is nice but then there's no depth even during actions and that's not nice. Any frontend dev that has any ideas regarding the power menu and the remaining website's style guide, let me know or send through a pull request.

That's about it for now. Adios!