My Linux Setup

I haven't talked much about my linux setup on this blog, so let's go through a few things I wanted to answer.

Favorite Linux ?

No, specific one, I've hopped through a lot of them over the years, the most used one's are a custom spin of Debian and Arch. I do have backup thumbdrive's with actual OS installs, so not live linux USB's, but drives that contain the entire system (dev environment, needed setup, drivers, etc)

Let's list them out

and then the internal HDD of my laptop dual boots between Windows 10 (cause I play games and the linux drivers for the hybrid hardware is still iffy) and Arch Linux (this is there just as a backup in case my drives aren't with me)


I've basically got 2 setups one using Openbox and one using Sway, the openbox one is on most of the installs since I've just started using sway and I'm liking the i3 environment, I've used i3 before for a lot of setups but I keep jumping back to openbox because I feel comfortable using openbox and i3 needs you to remember a good set of keyboard shortcuts which I do mess up sometimes so I just like the option of being able to use the mouse in case of doubt. Obviously, it becomes a 2nd nature once you've used i3/sway enough.

The setup is pretty minimal, there's the basic desktop following the duo tone colors I use everywhere, an off-white tone ranging in #dddddd - #eeeeee and a dark gray tone ranging in #121212-#333333, should probably create a good color pallete to share with people, the accent color is a random color I picked from colors and changes quite frequently so it's also an environment variable so I can change it at any time by executing an echo export ACCENT_COLOR=colorhex to the shell profile and reload the sway / openbox config.

Basically what the profile looks after a while.

... goes on till I clear it up

The primary application launcher on both is dmenu and sometimes I setup rofi when I have the time, the browser of choice is firefox and chromium as backup (because I develop web apps), the same on Mac with safari as an additional test browser.

I don't use a login manager / display manager (lxdm,lightdm,etc) , I use the shell profile to check for a logged in user and then take access of the display. This either launches Openbox with xinitrc or launches Sway with Wayland environment in place.

Wallpapers are just solid colors on the linux setups, again a dark gray in the above range. On the mac though, I change them frequently with a random one from wallhaven

New User, what do I use?

I'd direct you towards Linux Mint to start off with, and there's also Solus but it may or may not directly work with your hardware so try both of them out with a live disk and then initiate an install, an unresponsive wifi/network hardware is quite common so you might need more than just the default install to get either of them working, though Linux Mint generally hasn't given me an issue yet but, don't directly execute an install without testing your hardware on the live disk

I guess that's about what I wish to say about linux right now, I will be going over Linux Distro's that I found interesting but didn't make it to the list of favorites.