This Weekend in the BarelyHuman Dev Labs - March, 20th and 21st

This weekend was rather lazy , I had a few projects I wanted to complete, though I slept through most of the day on both days and spent about 4 hours watching the Snyder Cut JL and 1 hour thinking about what on earth was WB thinking with the initial release.

Back to the update.


This is a very niche project that I picked up that serves the purpose of keeping my Spotify library and a playlist that I share with people in sync. The concept is simple, it syncs the library to a playlist that's it, nothing else. It's basically done but not tested and nope, you won't find it on my Github because I won't be making it public unless I'm done testing it, which will be sometime this week so that's one and it isn't deployed yet so no links right now. Told you, lazy weekend.


I don't normally contribute to other open source projects I just use them to learn stuff but I thought I'd help a fellow developer out this time so I spent a few hours on a few issues of this project. MyTag

Pretty great concept, though the app needs a little more polishing and tweaking to be feature complete, which the original developer is working on, hoping I can find more time to help such projects instead of just re-creating my own versions of various existing tools. (talking about TillWhen)


Minor security patches and version upgrades for a lot of things, I do have to make the UI a lot more consistent so I'm kinda stuck as to whether I should work on the Multi Slack workspace support or Work on the teams concepts , also kinda understand why almost all free services online have ads on them, cause people won't support it with donations when being provided for free.

Anyway, guess I'll be working a day job forever if I want to keep the projects free to use.

Making TillWhen Opensource?

I did announce and also mentioned it on the about page that tillwhen will be getting a self hosted version and I do plan on making it open source but I wanna make sure I get rid of any security vulnerability that I can find myself before I do hand it over to the community to see. I trust the community with my other projects because they are tools and store data mostly on the browser, this one has people's daily logs , while an attacker could do a lot of damage it's still something I need to worry about and not something I can just let loose.

Overall point, yes, TillWhen will be opensource and come with a self hosting alternative after I'm sure that any edge case (hopefully all) security concerns are out of the picture. While there's barely any personal information tracked by the app, for someone who routinely logs onto tillwhen, the data can be used maliciously.

The Blog

RSS feeds were added to blog on request by a friend from here , also re-built to follow the new design style I have on all apps and go rid of any deps on Javascript other than the themer (dark and light mode toggle)

Rest of the life

Overall just played CS:GO all night and worked on the above mentioned things in the morning, pretty fun weekend.