This Weekend in BarelyHuman Dev Labs - March 27th and 28th

Quite an eventful week I tell you, did enough to satisfy my hunger for building tools.

Let's get to what the week started with and what we ended at.


The same app I mentioned last week had a few more additions to the app, again I'm just helping the developer out, haven't made enough contribution yet to make a difference. The app is a very simple implementation of google photo's tagging feature to be able to detect objects. This is being done to avoid sending and storing data to the google servers and just using your own device's storage to handle the searching and indexing for normal users.

Still getting developed so let's wait for it.


Yeah, this blog, if it isn't obvious, the blog was redesigned to handle dark mode and to generate html files instead of using a live router to handle the routes, each markdown file is now generated as a simple html file, yeah it's a pretty old concept and basically how most SSG toolsets work and then have their own router to handle some routes and act as a middleware to handle the browser requests.

Now, the reason for doing this was

  1. I needed to build my own static generator to experiment some ideas with
  2. It's fun

Now this has definitely ruined the older links everywhere and I might have to sit and fix it everywhere but instead set something up to redirect all old links to instead


Another small tool that I built last week and started as a web app but heroku and other existing free solutions wouldn't work well since the scheduling would become very limited to just the architechture I use it with so I ended up moving it to be a simple binary that does it for me. The app is just a simple library syncer as I mentioned in last week's update post and takes in your client creds from spotify and moves all the tracks from the user library to the given target playlist.

Not something everyone needs but I like to have a shareable playlist that has all the tracks I have added to my library.

That's basically all that I worked on the last weekend and planned stuff for tillwhen to have a minimum charge instead of depending on donations, since I plan on putting all the other mini projects on the side and focus on just working on tillwhen as a dedicated business. Just a plan, so let's see where that goes.

That's it for now, Adios

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