NeoVIM Configuration

Yeah, no one asked for this,

Just a couple of steps to reproduce my minimal shell configuration and neovim configuration.

Also, mvllow and I use the same keymaps so you might want to go through the lil-editing and other lilvim files to see if you need to change the keymaps

  1. Install Neovim and iTerm2
brew install neovim --HEAD
brew install --cask iterm2
  1. Change the iTerm2 to have the background color as the hex #111111
  2. Clone and copy the .config/nvim folder from the repository to ~/.config/nvim
  3. Change the colors in ~/.config/nvim/color/un.lua to match the following in the dark variant
        error = "#eb6f92",
        warn = "#f6c177",
        hint = "#9ccfd8",
        info = "#c4a7e7",
        accent = "#ffffff",
        on_accent = "#191724",
        b_low = "#111111",
        b_med = "#181819",
        b_high = "#222222",
        f_low = "#959595",
        f_med = "#aaaaaa",
        f_high = "#bebebe",
  1. Now go to ~/.confing/nvim/lua/lil-ui and comment out / remove the rose-pine use setup altogether
  2. and in ~/.config/nvim/init.lua add the following statement
vim.cmd("colorscheme un")
  1. Hopefully you saved all the changes and now run :PackerSync , close the editor and open it up again, wait for Treesitter to install all it's dependencies and close the editor and open it up again.

Note: You could try to use the :% command to reload config but it hardly ever works with packer so just quit and open

  1. Run a final :PackerCompile and :PackerSync and you are done.