Re: On the current decentralisation movement

This is like a reply or more like, my thoughts after reading the post from

I've been on the same train for a while but did end up creating a twitter
account which helped get a few more ideas to build on from people I envy or wish
to be like1 in the developer space and I think twitter or now, mastadon , are
an important place as the gathering platform for multiple people with rather low
friction compared to building a blog and that's what people and devs are
probably running towards again?

Like, having your own website and blog is significantly easy for me but that
might not be the case for everyone, I've seen devs who haven't made a simple
portfolio for themselves online cause it's too hard to understand DNS, Hosting,
etc for them but then they have a Twitter account. I guess it's more about the
convenience of setting up that makes the whole situation a problem that devs
want to solve.

So, in my head the solution people are chasing for isn't decentralisation but
how to make it convenient for the majority of the humans.

But then the argument stands, if you do host it somewhere you still can be
thrown out based on the hosting providers rules, so maybe get a Raspberry Pi and
a battery module and a solar module and run it off of that, but then the site
might have down time.

That doesn't really matter since if you have an RSS feed for your blog, since
it's a single file that readers will fetch once(per interval) so if it's online
once per day, that should be enough.

Overall, I think the majority wouldn't care about it and never really cared
about it and the convenience of being able to connect with a ton of people does
just work for them.

Maybe like Manu, I'm just some dumb guy overthinking this all out cause I've
been using the solution he provided for a while but then other people might just
prefer the social media vibe?

I'm not good at figuring out humans, tech is much much easier.

  1. preact-native being one such example ↩︎