Decisions and Updates December 2022

Happy New Year humans!

Honestly, haven't done much this entire month and to be fair, I almost gave up
on development and coding altogether for a while.

It has nothing to do with getting overwhelmed but for once I just forgot the
whole reason I wrote code in the first place. I started comparing myself to not
be enough for whatever I was doing and not being useful to anyone and this was
my mental state for a week or so.

This isn't fun when you start getting impressed by everything that others have
built but then you see whatever you've built isn't as impressive.

The reset for all of this was basically me remembering I had to update one
of my packages to implement something that was to be done a while back and just
started working on it and while doing it I forgot about all the inadequate work
I've done.

Partly because most of that package deals with color conversions and maths so I
had no time to think about whether I was useless or useful, I was too busy
getting the functionality to work.

So, here's the decisions and updates for the past month.


Worked on updates for the L*a*b* color variants and XYZ color variants. The
base implementations are done but the documentation is still something I need to
update for it, so it's on the next tag on npm right now.


A simple typescript based website, that can simply list the exported types and
functions from a node package.

This was built for @barelyhuman/tocolor since I am writing stuff in
typescript, I wanted to reuse the exported types data.

Example API Reference for @barelyhuman/tocolor

This isn't open source right now, cause it's not up to the MVP stage yet and I'm
still working on it. It cannot handle relative exports and everything yet and I
still have to add all of that but this is something that's usable for most tiny
libraries that export all types in one file.

Other minor stuff that I need to complete now is the libraries that I normally
contribute to, which were also pushed back due to the aforementioned stuff.