Typing routine

I'm no typing speed expert, nor am I the fastest typer in the world. My typing speed varies from 110-120WPM depending on amount of coffee intake.

Anyway, I've basically setup a daily routine that helps me warmup before I start working and this has also helped increase my speed over time where 110WPM is a very easy goal for me to reach.

I don't have any scientific tips but these are basically things I did to help with motor/mechanical skills in gaming and they seemed to help with typing as well.

Just give me the routine...

Slow down

The first instance is for you to type very comfortably without trying to race the timer, just be as slow as you can. You don't have to force yourself to type one letter at a time but just let your fingers glide onto keys and type as you feel comfortable.

Slight speed up

Now, we need to intentionally increase a bit of our speed, still trying to be comfortable, what I do at this stage is try to type the word in a stretch, wait a bit and then type the next one and keep going at that till I'm done with this

Speed up all the way

At this point, type like your life depends on it and type as quickly as you think you can. I shift focus to looking at the next letter while typing the current focused letter and keep going, I normally do this 2 times instead of once just because it's fun.

Slow back down

Let the brain and fingers rest at this point and go back to simple glide based typing.


I use Typer for most of the steps since it by default doesn't time your speed, though it does show an overall speed just so you know what speed you are at. I do monkeytype occasionally to check my current typing speed. Thought it's definitely the better tool in terms of options and settings.