Me and Numbers

I announced the past week and well, due to the nature of where it's heading as a project, I had to add analytics to it.

For people worried about privacy, I'm using plausible so, no, I'm not tracking you.

Why do we need analytics though, did no one figure out a way to know if users are interested in your app, site without having to secretly pick up if the site is being visited. Wait, it's not like me to blame people so lets think of solutions we can use.

I'm not a fan of numbers, likes, follows, stars, visitors, I try to run away from them. I ended up trying to build a simple HIT counter for goblin because that's one of the most obvious products where the hit counter doesn't matter because visiting the website is a one off thing. There's no count or tracker if you are actually using the curl scripts that goblin actually provides.

These numbers change mentality. You end up thinking about increasing these numbers instead of actually building or creating stuff that you originally liked doing. The number starts dominating your decisions after a while.

We already make most life decisions based on the amount of money we're getting as income and that number already takes control of all of the decisions we make. Do I really need another number stat deciding what I should and shouldn't do.

Not like me to blame it on others even if I'm ranting, so let's see. What solutions do I have that could help me get user interest without doing the analytics thing. It would be helpful if you guys could reply to this post via email or hit me up on Twitter with your feedback but overall here's a few things I think I can do

Point 3, basically depends on word of mouth and that we already put down as an expectation on rawjs, as if it does help you learn then you should help us promote it since the whole point is to not keep knowledge bound to just one person.