Hate and Responsibility

Disclaimer: None of this is with regards to anything that has happened to me, I've just been a witness to it.

Sometimes I wished I was famous so shit I said would get some attention,

I'll rant about it anyway. The hate I've been seeing towards devs online has gotten worse day by day. People acting like OSS devs owe them something. No, we don't.

The entire premise of OSS is, "I've built something, here, you can use it too", not "Here lord, have this piece of code I've written that now makes you my master. I'll now do as you say"

I considered programmers to be smart, no idea where the entitlement comes from though. Luckily the people who are this negative are fewer of the bunch but still balance it with their weird way of communicating.

There's cases where the OSS Author might take it in the wrong way and that's fine, human communication isn't the easiest thing anyway. Not ranting about those cases.

As for the nicer people, you can't cancel out the negativity since a 100 "Nice Job!" comments doesn't block out the "This is shit!" comment from your head. Thanks for the attempt of doing so though. A better way would be to contribute to projects you work with. Trust me, it's not that hard. I can assure you there's smaller projects that would like you to contribute.

I understand that not everyone has the time or even interest to sit and write more code, and that's fine. You can always support in other ways, promoting the library, a donation to the author if they accept it, star the repo, etc.

The attention helps developers to understand that what they've built is actually needed by the community and not something random. This doesn't mean you go and star every repo you see someone promote, we still need quality control...

A small gesture gives a tiny boost of motivation to the author. This is good for you in the long run since they put an effort to maintain the project because of that.

Don't go and star every repo I've made just because of this post, or randomly donate. If it's been useful, then yes; if not, then don't!

I still need solutions for dealing with people, who have the "World owe's me shit!" attitude.