Programming Languages I like

Disclaimer: Not going to declare a "best programming language" here, you can find that drama pretty much all over the web

If you don't know me, short context about stuff I do when I'm bored. I pick up existing simpler projects that I can find or have built before and then build it again in another programming language that seems interesting. A lot of these projects are things you can build as well, so I don't need to go deep into these but this is just a list of languages that've stuck around for more than a "Hello World" project.

One's that stuck

For the one's that don't need a story.

Now for the others,

I'm someone who started with writing cat and ls clone programs in C lang in school as practice, because it was a part of our curriculum (not because I was some genius in school). That just stuck to me for some reason, I liked picking up hobbies cause they were fun. I tried origami, drawing, Plaster of Paris based pottery, etc etc.

Programming was one of the hobbies I picked up really quickly (also surprisingly, something I'm still doing...); Anyway, picked up Python next and then a little bit of Java. There's no reason to mark them as bad languages, I just don't like OOP so Java is something I've never picked up again. Python though, I did do some GUI work with Python for college mini project and then one of the Dev's of the Numix Theme group, just convinced me to write the whole thing in Electron again.

And since then I've been shoveling down the rabbit hole even after it ended.

JS is your primary language?

Nah, JS stuck because of the number of available jobs, pure and simple. A lot of jobs in India needed react and AngularJS 1.6 developers when I got out of college. I started doing react and picked up Angular for a tiny startup that I was working with (~2017). Post that, it's just been react and more react and a lot more angular and some more react and that lead to fighting with Typescript and Javascript's quirks every day for almost 3 years day in and day out.

Think of it as a language that started as a skill to earn and stuck because I went too deep into it.

Then comes the time where I wished to do a little more in terms of Open source and instead of just browsing through, I'd like to contribute and I didn't know which project to contribute to, so I just made my own. I really liked Linux and CLI tools because they worked everywhere!

As long as you have a terminal, you can run the app/tool/software. I started doing this with C because the hackers online told me that it'd be easier to write portable CLI on C. Wrote a few of these but writing the base layer for C is actually a lot of work. Though, after you're done with that, you pretty much can do whatever you wish to with it.

Anyway, the goal was to find another language where I could avoid writing the base layer and still find a good std lib to work with. This is where Zig, V, Go, and Nim Lang came into picture.

I worked with tiny apps before building something serious and here's what the result was.

Out of these, Go and Nim stuck with me due 2 reasons, that aren't listed here.

Zig is also something that falls in those points but I wasn't a fan of the verbosity, since I could just write C and it's simpler that way. Personal preference, I'd recommend you try the language yourself to decide if you like the language.

I'm by no means a master of any of these languages, I've worked with JS enough to know how to deal with it's quirks without having to rely on TS but I still use TS where applicable so that users can enjoy using libraries in their Code/Development Editors.

Bonus Languages

These are languages that I like but didn't really make it into the list of my first choices.

I guess that's about it, Rust / CrabLang is probably the only one that I just didn't like because of the amount of mental gymnastics you need to do but people do like the language so I guess I'm the odd one out in this case.

That's all the languages I like and why I like them, any more details about the "Why" would make this a book and I'd like to avoid that.