Announcing arrow-render-to-string

It's rare for me to build something for the external world but here's a package I ended up building while working on another project which I'll talk about later.


ArrowJS is a simple UI library which takes the most minimal approach at writing UI libraries. Something I truly wished I had come up with but I'm happy it exists. If you've seend my tweets/Xeets for the past few weeks I've been praising ArrowJS for a while.

I bet on it's simplicity enough to build a side project with it and while I was building the side project, it hit me that a server rendered and client re-hydrated method would make it much more snappy to use and so I went onto writing a tiny utility to render the html templates that arrowjs has to pure html strings. You'll see this in action once knex-studio get's the other set of updates but for now we're going to just release the renderToString utility to the world.


barelyhuman/arrow-render-to-string is a simple JS module that should run anywhere that JS does because it's not using anything runtime specific and is just Javascript.

The current scope of the project is to be able to help you stringify ArrowJS's html templates and do that really quickly. ArrowJS comes with it's on view mounting in place so there's no need for a hydration utility but over-time I do plan to create a tiny framework that standardise how you write ArrowJS island based apps.

Well, that's all I have for the announcement, any feedback that you have or any issues you face just raise them on the repository and I'll check it out!