FossFox and it's shutdown

The job market isn't a fun place for most people, I personally had a hard time looking for one before I joined NearForm and the fact of the matter is that it didn't matter what my resume had or how skilled I might be cause I didn't even get a single reply.

I don't want to dig up what all happened but UpStash and Nearform were the only 2 replies I got from about 190 applications. I applied to every possible OSS and Services company that I wished to work with.

Though, I did find a good website that I liked, (the link's now dead) which provided 2 features that I really liked.

The other things that existed were,

I probably would've posted a screenshot on twitter but I don't have a twitter anymore so , that's that.

Anyway, fossfox just vanished into thin air so I'm not sure what happened, the point of the post was that if something so well built was shut down because no profit was being made then there's something wrong with what people consider as an industrial product.

I don't have any energy to rant on such small feature complete apps just going out of business because it's a problem with a lot of variables and a lot of luck involved. Though, I'd like for someone to pick it up again and built it.

When you do, do send me a mail with the link to the app so I can help with anything that I can, but for now, fossfox is dead and I don't like it!