Updates (May 2024)

A few things happened this month and we are now done with whatever work I had outside of my development life.

Since we are back, a few things have gotten attention and are being worked on, here's the log for that.


There's isn't a huge update here, just started fixing existing issues and adding a few more DX helpers, one of which is being able to use zod schema's to create the form atom for you.


This plugin has always been slow in terms of my development focus but looks like there's a lot of changes here and there in both eslint and in the original implementation of valtio so there's things that need to be fixed here, working on that.


The tool that powers this website is now in it's new form and i'm still profiling and working on migrating this website to it first to understand all the areas that I've missed in the re-write.


As always, goblin is gaining attention and that calls for the requirement of performance and caching improvements for goblin. It currently cached the binary by letting go handle the build cache and then releasing it after 12 hours to have fresh builds even for the older versions of a package (Storage size limitations, since it's being run from my pocket for now and no one has to pay anything for it).

Though, caching implementation using MinIO is complete and under stress tests to make sure parallel build requests don't create issues.

That's mostly it in terms of OSS work as of now, it's been slow for the month because of other responsibilities but hopefully I get to have more fun in the next few months with all the projects I have.

That's it for now, Adios humans!