This Weekend in BarelyHuman Dev Labs - April 24th and 25th

Don't really have to even write this post cause all I did these 2 days was figure out ways to bring back a dead machine to life till I finally gave up.

So...... My macbook is dead , like literally dead, no response, no glitching screen, no abnormal boot. It's just dead and I'm stuck with a raspberry pi and my old system that's unstable in terms of being able to work from and generally used to test various distributions of Linux since it just randomly shuts itself down but it's a good test machine to see performance of various linux distro so I didn't throw it away.

So there's no real update in terms of projects since I didn't work on any but then I did test out a little bit on the deadline and edit project patch/trivial feature that I added to TillWhen's beta instance sometime mid last week and planned to move it to live which I can do from the raspberry pi so I will do that sometime this week.

What did you do to kill a macbook?

No damn idea, I sent out a few iOS builds to testflight before I shut it down on Friday and it had like 10% battery at that time. I should've connected it to a charger for 10-20 minutes so it could cancel out the battery usage from the ever connected SSD but I just left it like that since it's no big deal.

Woke up to a machine that wouldn't charge or boot into recovery or boot into single user mode, tried various methods for 2 days other than opening the back panel cause then the Apple Service Centre wouldn't even touch it so that's that.

Anyway, that's about it. Luck is a .... never-mind.