Is Life really hard ?

This might be just another life lesson post on the internet, but it also might be worth a read.

Let’s GO!

Life is easier than you think and harder than you imagine. Your everyday decisions are responsible for what happens with you and also with people connected to you.

Every decision that you take, leads you to an experience. This experience might not be a good one but if you do accept the fact that you were wrong then this will help you learn a lot.

Let’s imagine life as an Open World Game, where you decide whether you’re going to go for the main quest or complete a side quest.

If you chose to complete the side quest, it might lead to another side quest or might give you a clue about the main quest or might get you armed with weapons or other utilities that might just make it a little bit easier for the main quest.

If you chose to complete the main quest, then you end up progressing in the story and learn a little more about the other characters around you. During the completion of the story your opinion will change based on the characters, you develop smarter ways to complete the quest and then the game’s main story line is basically done. You missed the side quests but completed the story successfully anyways.

Unfortunately, life doesn’t guide us the way the game does so here our own decisions help us get through it. These decisions when wrong will help you learn about what has to be improved in your life and when correct, will help you advance in your journey.

This Journey that I’m talking about doesn’t have to have a target or a goal. We set targets based on things we’d like to accomplish. We make life harder for ourselves by trying to compare ourself with people. We mentally increase our own insecurities to lead up a life where you start stressing about everything you do and regret things that you did.

We try to convince others and ourselves that we are better than the person who has achieved something. When the reality is that, it doesn’t matter what you’ve achieved. Let’s try to understand this.

Will a Lamborghini make you happy?

Most of you are straight of going to say “YES! IT WILL!” and then there will be people who don’t like the car and will say “Nah, insert car name here is better, and that’ll make me happy” and then there might be people who just don’t like cars and prefer bikes and this goes on. The point is, it’s a luxury.

These things make us feel good about what we have accomplished. Owning a costly watch, car, bike etc etc Et cetera!. Which isn’t what makes us happy. I mean, maybe for a few days, months but that's about it. The fact that we all crave financial comfort more than mental comfort is what make life harder.

The fact that we don’t have to worry about financial problems anymore is what makes you think that you’ve achieved success.

Now, success is defined differently by different people. Some define it as Fame, some may define it as Fortune and some would like to define it as Happiness. If you’ve achieved all 3, then I envy you and respect you.

If you’ve achieved either one or two, I still respect you. It doesn’t matter. There is no difference as to what you think of success to be , because there is no rule book that says that you’ve got to be rich, you’ve got be strong, you’ve got to be a genius. The world has never limited a person to anything. The standards we set in our mind for “Good Life / Happy Life” is what makes us feel that we haven’t reached to the point we deserve to be on. There is no competition unless you think of it as a competition. If you’d like to compete will people for fortune, do it if it makes you feel good.

So, Is life really hard? I don’t think so. I’ve had my down times but they all helped me out. It is a diplomatic answer but trust me, there’s no easier way to explain it. Life is as hard as you make it. We make it hard by overthinking about stuff, we jump to conclusions without a proper thought. We blame others to convince ourselves that what we decided to do was right.

The day we stop worrying so much about what will happen and what has happened. It’ll make life a lot easier. Just know that, it doesn’t matter what you choose to be or achieve. You’ll achieve it sooner or later and that’ll motivate you enough to aim for something a little more bigger.

Anyway, have a great one.