Sleep Update: I gave up

A few weeks back I made a post about me not being able to sleep at all and guess what?

It's gotten worse.

I now sleep at around 8PM-10PM and my body kicks me back up by 12AM-2AM. Post that, I can't do anything that'll shut me down.

Based on research, a normal human is sleepy around 2AM and 2PM, my body on the other hand starts getting drowsy at 6AM (Can't sleep cause I will never wake up for work on time) and 6PM. I somehow pull myself up to 8 or 10 using coffee to complete work and stuff.

Overall point, my internal clock is totally botched.

Looks like I'll have to research more and find ways to get the clock back to normal.

Sleep at 6 PM then!

Based on my sleep cycles, I can only sleep for 3 cycles. Each cycle being 90 minutes, making that about 4.5 hours. So, if I sleep at 6, it'll be up by 10.30 and then won't be able to sleep at all.

Bad Idea!

The title says, you gave up.

About that, I kinda started accepting the shift and have started working at 2AM-2.30AM on personal projects and then give the remaining of the day to office work which I generally start at around 4AM-9AM. I plan to follow this till I figure out a reset.

Till then, I'm a proper reaper (at least in terms of not sleeping)

Also, if you've got suggestions on how to deal with this without using any kind of medication / drugs. Let me know.