Be Unproductive?

It's okay to be unproductive.

That's it, that's the post.

But, seriously, why do people think that you have to have something really good going in your life, like everything is about having some form of achievement, like there's no other thing in life to do. Have some god damn fun!

but but but, know that fun is different for different people.

But you're the one that posts your weekly achievements?

Yes, I do, cause it's mostly the discipline of not missing on writing a post, I need to maintain this habit.

I could post random stories instead of what updates I made to each project which you can just find from each update's changelog on Github anyway.

I could post about things that might help you write better code if that is something people want to read but the idea is to keep writing and that's very easy content to post about every week, for any other topic I'd have to craft it out in advance and maintain a list of posts I need to make, which adds more friction and might push me off the habit of writing altogether.

Why spend your weekends coding so much?

It's a hobby of mine, every small library, project that I've written was a part of me having fun. I spend times with my hobbies most weekends. I write about coding since that's what both the blogs are about. A programmer.

Sharing about me practicing the guitar, or drawing for hours, or binging on anime will make no sense on a "developer log" post.

Yeah okay, Why this post?

Well to tell people that it's okay to sleep 2 whole days while doing nothing if that's what you wish to do. I don't do it every weekend but if you do, that's not a bad thing, point is spend time with things/people/hobbies that make you happy.

In my case it's coding so I end up being a little productive on weekends but to each, his own, even though the last weekend wasn't. I did basically what I typed in the first line of this section.

I did spend 60-90 mins learning zig though...

Repeating the point, have fun in your free time, might not get it back.