There's supposed to be a devlog today but there's basically nothing that I did in the past 7 days that would count as enough content for it. There was progress but not enough.

Anyway, The founders planned a trip to Ghej Bid , a small village in Gujarat, India. The plan started about a month ago and as always my "Who cares, I don't want to go" ass just went back to code review and handling merge requests for the day. About 15 days after that, my manager was like "come na, it'll be fun" and so I just thought I'd give it a chance. I've been told enough times that I don't go out and that's why I'm not social. People don't realise it's the other way around.

Back to the trip, So 7 days back from today, I travelled with 3 people, we got to the farm house, ate amazing breakfast, slept at around 2 AM or 3 AM almost every day, made offensive jokes as always, was the only one laughing (obviously!) but end of the day, I think I found peace in the house.

No, no, no! Not because of people but the change in scenery was nice. I normally would just sit in my room or watching something on Netflix and the cool breeze there just made it a lot more peaceful. This lasted like 2 days cause then it was 17 people in total instead of just us 4 and the social anxiety kicked in real quick, which I should be used to by now but it still makes me uncomfortable. Whatever, didn't matter. I still had a room I could just sit in and silence the noise with my headphones. I'd watch,listen or code something that would calm me down.

Stayed in the crowd for a day, ended up almost getting into trouble but that's just how it is. If I could predict everything and anything I would be God and not just a guy with a god complex.

With all this, and me being in vacation mode, all I was able to complete was office work and I ended up writing prototype code for statico's next version since the current one can't be scaled anymore without a major refactor or patching in and around the code. In other news, Razorpay didn't like Taco, I'll have to change the payment implementation to be either Paddle or Stripe and then handle taxes manually (too much work!!!)

All in all, 3 things I enjoyed the most.

  1. Driving around and also getting lost while driving cause Google Maps and my iPhone decided they don't want the GPS working in offline maps. The detour meant more driving so more fun for me.
  2. Sitting alone + music + cool breezes every now and then
  3. A columbus ride we took where I ended up almost loosing my voice with all the screaming. Nah, I wasn't scared of the ride we were all screaming the name of the company. Probably the point where the founder was like "are these the people that handle projects?"

That's where the trip ended, I got back to my relatives place and that's about it.

These are things that happened, on the other side, things that didn't change

Overall, nice experience.

Wasn't as productive for my side projects but I guess I needed the quite time without work to be refreshed