Minimalist • Open Source Enthusiast • Developer


I've been a fullstack developer for ~6 years now. I'm really into building tools and libraries.

Majority of my professional work has been in and around solving web and web architechture problems. This includes building compliant,secure and scalable web apps, setting up automations for various tasks, managing development processes and guiding beginners

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Online Presence / Contact


Twitter: @barelyreaper

GitHub: @barelyhuman


Professional Experience


Managing teams, handling guidance, making sure the architecture and automations works and finally, get hands dirty with code.


Fintech is hard, number crunching, maintaing curation engines and handling wealth management based transactions all with the help of some code and making sure it worked


Worked with talented individuals on getting the simple car service and invoicing platform for the Indian market. This involved managing sequences of operations and avoiding race conditions, keep data clean, and refactoring some old code


Met my first set of mentors here, worked on the UI of 2 products. SuperTax and RetailIO, one with React and one with Angular respectively. The time spent was short due to various unforseen reasons but it was worth it. Made components and a tiny UI library for the above 2 products internally


Talk about getting lucky before even graduating and working as the Core/Founding frontend engineer for a startup. Built the Admin portal for a ride sharing app that HoppApp was building, learnt the basics of industrial standards for a Senior Developer at Oracle and experience that got me addicted to working with just startups.

Open Source Contributions


Bundler plugins to be able to generate server and client code to write preact components as islands or partially hydrated server rendered components


An attempt at creating an abstraction layer over the react native bridge to add in support for other web frameworks to be able to make use of the cross platform renderer

A simple service that allows you to build go lang binaries on the fly for the requested system. Gives CLI authors a easy way to provide their binaries to the end users.


The very static site generator powering this website and the resume. An attempt at building a scriptable static site generator that uses the simplicity of Lua to add programmatic computation at build time


A derivative of jotai state atoms to make it easier to work with forms


A micro state management library for react, also easier to learn when compared to other alternatives


Atom based state management for vanilla js and react based on treating primitive state as atoms


Proxy based state handling for react and vanilla js. Makes state changes more natural as compared to the hooks


ESLINT plugin for valtio users to avoid making mistakes when working with proxy and snapshot based state


A tool built for programmers who work with more than one language and would prefer a common versioning and changelog generation tooling

Ending Note

I am passionate about collaborating with open source companies and contributing to the development of impactful projects. As a minimalist, I believe in creating simple and efficient solutions that solve complex problems. Feel free to reach out to discuss potential opportunities or collaborations.