Hire Me

I'm trying to be self-employed, so this page lays down the ground work for any future contract/freelancing work

Before considering my hire, please review my list of skills and/or resume to ensure they align with your requirements.


Here's a few ways I could be of service to you

For anything else, you can use either Slack or e-mail

Full Time Hire

If you are considering to hire me full time, here's a few more things I'd like you to know

Core Values

I adhere to certain non-negotiable core values. While I understand the importance of protecting business implementations and USPs, I hope these values do not pose any issues for you.

I would really like to work with companies that:

Remote Work Details

Open Source / Contribution Requests

If you have any open source projects or contribution requests, please send me an email or tag me on the relevant issue. If I have the bandwidth, I will be happy to take a look and potentially contribute.